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The Pioneer Settlement of the First Farmers in the Oxnard Plain!
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If you’re looking for things to do in Oxnard, we’re a must-visit stop!

We’re regularly open from 9am-11am Tuesdays and Saturdays, but if you’re in town outside of those hours and want to stop by, feel free to reach out and we’ll try to see if someone is available to show you around! We can’t wait to share this very important piece of history with you!

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or call 1 (833) 844-1867

Mailing: 300 Crestview Ave, Camarillo, CA 93010

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1251 Gottfried Pl, Oxnard, CA 93030

We’re located in Oxnard’s West Village neighborhood directly across the street from Norman R Brekke Elementary. From the 101, we are just off of Exit 61 – Rose Avenue! From the northbound exit, turn left on Rose (right from southbound), right onto Cesar Chavez Dr., then right onto Gottfried Pl—the park will be on your right!

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“The Gottfried Maulhardt farm house, one of the first on the Oxnard plain, should be considered the city’s most important historical asset. Your support will make the dream of preservation a reality”

— 2012-2020 Oxnard Mayor, Tim Flynn.

We’re working hard to bring our exhibits to our website and are so excited to share their stories with you. Soon you’ll be able to click on the Exhibitions to learn their stories; for now, have fun scrolling around!

Donation & Sponsorship Opportunities!

As a 501c(3) Nonprofit Organization, we rely on the generous contributions of people like you. We really appreciate any amount you are able and willing to support us and our mission. The forms below highlight some of our funds and our sponsorship opportunities. Donations can be made one-time or on an automatically recurring basis! You can make a donation in someone else’s honor or memory and have an e-card sent to your honoree. Upon completion, you will be provided with a receipt for your tax deductible donation. Again, seriously, we cannot thank you enough for all of your support to maintaining and improving the oldest buildings and pioneer settlement of the first farmers in the Oxnard Plain. THANK YOU!

Tax ID: 84-1621608


Books can be purchased and picked up on-site during our operating hours or by appointment! So if you live nearby, stop in to save on shipping! All apparel is printed-on demand (No or low stock on-site).

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We charge $150/hr for events with less than 100 people (+$150 refundable deposit), and $200/hr for events with over 100 people (+$200 refundable deposit). The site is available between Noon & Sunset. We are flexible with offering time prior and after the event for set-up and tear-down at no cost! Events MUST purchase event insurance (~$120-$200), which is due ASAP. 

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“The Oxnard Historic Farm Park, its Board Members and Volunteers”

About Us!

As the pioneer settlement of the first farmers in the Oxnard Plain, the Oxnard Historic Farm Park is home to the two oldest buildings (the 1872 Farmhouse and the 1876 Winery), a towering 1800s Canary Island Date Palm, an 1890s Carriage House, two vineyards of 1880s Zinfandel Blanc grapes, a lemon orchard, an avocado grove, and five historically representative gardens…oh, and that doesn’t even account for our numerous exhibitions of historic photos and farm implements that show the evolution of farming in the Oxnard Plain over the past three centuries! 

Ventura County Landmark #165

Director: Jeff Maulhardt

Treasurer: Terry Ball

Secretary: Brandon Burns

Ex-Officio: Jim Thompson

Mission: The Oxnard Historic Farm Park Foundation is a nonprofit group dedicated to
the restoration and preservation of the two oldest remaining structures on the
Oxnard Plain dating back to the 1870s as well creating displays for vintage
farm equipment, growing garden plots of crops from the past and creating a
home for Oxnard History.

We Are Waterwise!

The Oxnard Historic Farm Park Foundation is a 501c(3). Tax ID: 84-1621608

Our History!

Ownership Timeline: Chumash, Rafael Gonzalez (1837), Juan Camarillo (1865), Gottfried & Sophie Maulhardt (1867 Leased, 1872 Purchased), Luis Pfeiler (1905), Albert Pfeiler (1905), Bob Pfeiler (1937), John Laing Homes (2002), the City of Oxnard leasing to the Oxnard Historic Farm Park Foundation (2007), and currently the Oxnard Historic Farm Park Foundation (2022).

Chain of Ownership, Pre-Period of Significance:

Originally, the land belonged to the Chumash, and according to an interview with Robert Pfeiler several Chumash artifacts, such as steatite bowls, have been found on the property

Second, after the Chumash people moved or were forced out with the construction of the Mission San Buenaventura, the new “Rancho El Río de Santa Clara o La Colonia” was granted in 1837 by Alta California Governor Juan B. Alvarado to eight Mexican Soldiers from the Santa Barbara Presidio (Valentine Cota, Salvador Valenzuela, Vicente Pico, Rafael Valdez, Vincent Feliz, Leandro Gonzales, and Rafael Gonzales). Specifically, Rafael Gonzalez—a former mission administrator and later the alcalde of Santa Barbera—was the owner of the site, which was his portion of the 44,883-acre Mexican land grant—he used the land for cattle

Third, Juan Camarillo, a member of the Hijar (1834) expedition, acquired the land from Rafael Gonzalez in 1865, which he never settled on

Chain of Ownership, Period of Significance:

In 1867, German immigrants Gottfried Maulhardt and Casper Borchard arrived with their families and soon after leased the land from Juan Camarillo. They began farming it after having escaped the Prussian war, sailed to America (on multiple voyages, including one to the Isthmus of Panama), pursued the already-over gold rush, and traveled south to what became the Oxnard plain

Fourth, Gottfried Maulhardt acquired the then 410-acre site as his portion of a joint purchase of 1,230.31-acres by Johannes Borchard, Jacob Maulhardt, and himself from Juan Camarillo on December 26, 1872. By 1875 Gottfried Maulhardt had begun selling portions of the property and by 1887, he had sold all but just over 30-acres of the site. In 1875, Gottfried Maulhardt sold ~205-acres to Casper Borchard. In 1887, Hiram K. Snow purchased 171-acres from Gottfried for $17,141—though Gottfried did retain the road leading to the Santa Clara Parish Chapel. Fifth, Sophie Maulhardt continued to own the land upon her husband Gottfried’s passing in December 1898 and kept it until she sold it in 1905

Chain of Ownership, Post-Period of Significance:

Sixth, in 1905, Louis Pfeiler—an 1866 immigrant from Austria/Hungary, who had eventually moved to the Port Hueneme area and taken up farming in the early 1870s—purchased the 30-acre site as a wedding gift for his son Albert Pfeiler (seventh). Albert farmed and maintained the property until, following tradition, he gifted the property to his son Robert “Bob” Pfeiler (eighth) for his wedding on December 5, 1937. Bob Pfeiler farmed and maintained the property until his death in 2002. Nineth, With the death of Bob Pfeiler, the Pfeiler family sold the 46-acre ranch to John Laing Homes for development

Tenth, after discussions with Jeffrey Maulhardt, John Laing Homes deeded 0.86-acres (the existing property), to the City of Oxnard. In 2007, the City of Oxnard began leasing the site to the Oxnard Historic Farm Park Foundation

Eleventh, on January 6th, 2022, the Oxnard Historic Farm Park Foundation purchased the site from the City of Oxnard

Today, the site (Ventura County Landmark No. 165 – Gottfried Maulhardt/Albert Pfeiler Farm Site) is known as the Oxnard Historic Farm Park, which is owned and operated by the Oxnard Historic Farm Park Foundation whose purpose is to restore and preserve the two oldest remaining structures on the Oxnard Plain dating back to the 1870s, as well as creating displays for vintage farm equipment, growing garden plots of crops from the past, and creating a home for Oxnard History where the community can gather for public and private events.